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Email any teacher by clicking the envelope next to his/her name.

Teacher Websites

Teachers whose names appear in blue have a website that can be accessed by clicking on his/her name.  

Maria Aceves-Scott

Roselawn Staff


Contact Felipe Meraz  Felipe Meraz (209) 634-9311 Principal


Contact Maria Aceves-Scott  Maria Aceves-Scott Teacher
Contact Atour Bejan  Atour Bejan Teacher
Contact Diana Brown  Diana Brown Teacher
Contact Margaret Drummond  Margaret Drummond Teacher
Contact Salinda Mendoza  Salinda Mendoza Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Pike  Elizabeth Pike Teacher
Contact Annette Preston  Annette Preston Teacher
Contact Robin Ragsdale  Robin Ragsdale Teacher
Contact Jim Sanchez  Jim Sanchez Teacher
Contact Oscar Zagazeta  Oscar Zagazeta Teacher


Contact Rachel Moran  Rachel Moran Counselor


Contact Alma Aceves  Alma Aceves Staff
Contact Sarah Barth  Sarah Barth Staff
Contact Guillermo Benitez  Guillermo Benitez Staff
Contact Saraly Espinoza  Saraly Espinoza Staff
Contact Michelle Haggland  Michelle Haggland Staff
Contact Yareli Ramirez Sigala  Yareli Ramirez Sigala Staff
Contact Carol Stanfield Thoresen  Carol Stanfield Thoresen Staff

Our School

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