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Roselawn Continuation High School


The mission of Roselawn High School, a model alternative learning environment, is to ensure all students graduate with the skills necessary to achieve their fullest potential and to compete in a global society by providing an effective, student-centered educational program in a small, safe setting that incorporates high academic standards and collaborative partnerships with staff, families and the community.


  • All students will satisfy the requirements needed to graduate from high school with a diploma.
  • All students will develop and demonstrate character traits necessary to become responsible, productive members of society.
  • All students will acquire the necessary skills that will assist them in achieving their post-secondary goals.


  • We will design a plan to help students set and achieve challenging, personal goals.
  • We will establish a program to ensure staff; families and students understand and model the district-adopted character traits.
  • We will expand and ensure the effective use of programs and resources to strengthen the skills of students.
  • We will develop and implement a system of communication to support collaboration among all stakeholders. 


T   Twenty First Century Skills: Every student will have technology skills.        

•Online Learning •Computer Applications •Computer Literacy  

R   Responsibility: Every student will be accountable for academic, personal, and social responsibilities.  •Attendance and Participation •Academic Growth    •Post-Secondary Educationand/orVocational Goals •Emphasis on Core Skills: Reading, writing, listening,speaking, and problem solving •Reflective of choices

A   Achievement: Every student will be able to integrate reading,communication, and reasoning skills across the curriculum. •Emphasis on Core Skills: Reading, writing, listening, speaking, and problem solving. •Awareness of individual learning modalities/styles •Recognizing that each individual’s ideas have value  

C   Civility: Every student will acquire skills to improve the quality of life in their home, school, and community.  •Community involvement •An awareness and appreciation of the cultural diversities of others •Develop character traits to be a responsible member of society  

K   Knowledge: Every student will acquire skills to become successful problem solvers and life-long learners.   •Develop critical thinking skills •Participate in personal enrichment activities including Visual and Performing Arts, Physical Education (organized sports/activities) •Develop essential life skills.